We are delighted to announce the following speakers have been confirmed for the BCPC Congress 2017:

European Regulatory Risk Management Leader | Dow AgroSciences

Dr. Anne Alix Anne is a senior scientist in the area of environmental risk assessment and risk management. She earned a PhD in Biology and Integrated Pest Management in vegetable crops at the University of Rennes, in France, in 2000. She joined environmental risk assessment as an ecotoxicologist at the French National Institute on Research in Agronomy (INRA) in 2001, and then as a head of the Environment and Ecotoxicology unit at the French Agency on the safety of Food (AFSSA, now ANSES). She linked risk assessment to risk management at the French Ministry of Agriculture as the deputy head of the Section for Regulation and Placing Plant Protection Products on the Market, where she lead the implementation of risk mitigation measures for pesticides, and post registration monitoring. Anne joined Dow AgroSciences in 2011, as their European Regulatory Risk Management Leader. Anne has been involved in a number of expert groups to develop risk assessment methodologies in diverse environmental, some through workshops such as such as ELink, Focus Landscape and Mitigation or Escort 3, or via SETAC groups, such as Modelink or EMAgPest.

Director | UK HSE Chemicals Regulation Division

Dave Bench

Professor | Iowa State University

Steve BradburySteve was until recently Director of the Office of Pesticide Programs in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He led the Office’s evaluations of new and existing pesticides, and coordination with related programs. He advanced risk-based methods for endocrine effects of pesticides and managing pesticide resistance, water quality, endangered species and pollinators.

Previously, Dr. Bradbury led efforts to advance human health and ecological risk assessments in water quality, pesticide and industrial chemical programs in the EPA’s Office of Research and Development, and was a member of a recent U.S. National Academies of Sciences committee on biotechnology products and recommending enhancement of the U.S. regulatory system. He has delivered over 70 peer-reviewed publications and presents at international and national scientific conferences. He has a BS in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a PhD in Toxicology and Entomology from Iowa State University, where he is now Professor of Environmental Toxicology.

European Regulatory Affairs Manager | DuPont Crop Protection

Jean-Pierre BusnardoJean-Pierre is an agronomist who started his career in Africa where he conducted agronomic research on tropical food crops. He joined the Crop Protection Industry in 1986 and has since held portfolio regulatory assignments in several companies, with a primary international orientation (European or global). Jean-Pierre joined DuPont in 1993 and he is currently the Brussels-based Regulatory Affairs Manager for the company’s crop protection business. Jean-Pierre is a member of the Regulatory Policy Team of the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA).

Executive Director | International Biocontrol Manufacturers’ Association, IBMA

David CaryDavid has been in place as the inaugural Executive Director of this dynamic global trade association with a strong European focus since 2010. His career has been focused on IPM, resistance management, implementation of biocontrol techniques, and systems based control of pests and diseases. He is passionate about reducing the reliance on traditional pesticides through finding, developing, registering and bringing to market new solutions to feed a growing world population whilst respecting biodiversity, the environment and protecting human health. David is an entomologist by training and spent several years co-ordinating, conducting, assessing, reporting efficacy trials and supervising regulatory compliance for biological agricultural inputs. He actively participates in promoting the biocontrol industry and ensuring that any regulation is proportionate to risk. He promotes a globally harmonised regional regulatory and product development focus and is confident that we will see more global co-ordination in the near future. He was a key player in the formation of BPG (BioProtection Global) and works closely with international bodies including OECD, FAO and EPPO.

Consultant | Parker Doe Partnership LLP

Dr. John DoeAfter having previously worked as a pharmacologist in pharmaceutical industry in the areas of asthma, skin allergy and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, John joined ICI’s Central Toxicology Laboratory (CTL) in the late 1970s. He initially worked in inhalation toxicology then managed studies across the full spectrum of regulatory toxicology including chronic, reproductive and developmental toxicology. John worked in industrial chemical and agrochemical toxicology for many years, becoming Director of CTL in 2003 and Head of Product Safety for Syngenta in 2006.

John was Chairman of ECETOC Scientific Committee from 2006 until 2010 and he was a member of the UK Animal Procedures Committee from 2004 to 2012. In 2007, his work on revising the assessment of agricultural chemicals was highly commended by NC3Rs.

John retired from Syngenta in 2010 and is now an independent consultant. He is currently playing a major role in the ILSI-HESI Risk 21 project to develop a new paradigm for risk assessment which incorporates recent scientific advances and he is the chairman of an ECETOC Task Force which is looking at ways to incorporate potency into the classification of chemicals for carcinogenicity and for developmental and reproductive toxicity. John is a member of the UK Committee on Carcinogenicity.

Dow AgroSciences

Generic Male

EMEA Regulatory Strategy Manager | BAYER S.A.S.

Dr. Martyn GriffithsDr. Griffiths graduated from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and obtained his doctorate in field of liquid fertilisers from Harper Adams College. His involvement in crop protection started 26 years ago with Schering. After 5 years of field development experience, he moved to Frankfurt, Germany with AgrEvo, where he held a number of positions including responsibility for registrations in China, Taiwan and Korea. With the formation of Bayer CropScience, he has worked in the European Regulatory Affairs team in Lyon, France and his current position is Senior Regulatory Policy Manager in EMEA Regulatory Science. He is chairman of ECPA Regulatory Policy Team.

Geospatial Specialist | Enviresearch

Scott Hawley

Head of Crop Health and Protection (CHaP) | Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB)

Dr. Jon KnightDr. Jon Knight is the Head of Crop Health and Protection (CHaP) for the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) where he is responsible for developing and implementing research and development strategy for pests, weeds and diseases for agricultural and horticultural crops. The CHaP team works closely with industry and government to ensure the availability of a range of suitable crop protection measures for a wide range of crops.

Originally trained as agricultural zoologist he has worked in the broad area of pest management over the last 20 years at Imperial College and moved to AHDB at the start of 2012 to Head R&D for Horticulture. Research work on over 60 projects has ranged from implementation and management of practical pest control projects both in the UK and overseas to the development of new approaches to Pest Risk Analysis and plant health issues.

He is currently a member of the Plant Health Advisory Forum and holds an honorary position at Imperial College London.


Steve Norman

Regulatory Affairs Manager (UK & Ireland) | Bayer CropScience Ltd

Janet WilliamsJanet is the Regulatory Affairs Manager for Bayer CropScience Ltd in the UK and Ireland. Janet has a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Warwick and a Master’s degree in Toxicology from the University of Kentucky, USA. She has more than 25 years of experience working in agrochemical registration in the EU, working for Fisons, Rhone-Poulenc and Aventis, as well as Bayer. She is manager of a team of six Regulatory Affairs Specialists at Bayer and is involved in all aspects of legislation with any relation to agrochemicals, including involvement with EFSA and the EU Commission. She is also Chair of the Crop Protection Association Policy and Regulatory Group and is in regular dialogue with UK HSE/CRD and Ireland PRCD.